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Company Profile
Over the years, there have been many advancements and improvement in almost everything that we use. Major advancements are made in the domain of machines. Reducing manpower work as well as time, machines being made now-a-days are easy to operate, runing on less power and producing optimum output. So, to make variety of machines like Plastic Film Blowing Machine, Complex Films Bag Making Machine, Coating Machine with a host of others, our company Guangdong Maoxin Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. is stepped forward in the industry. Our variety of machines are used to make bags, packing products, transform polyethylene into plastic film etc. The products we deal in are appreciated for good process ability, excellent optical properties, high tensile Strength etc. Based in Hanoi, Thu Do Ha Noi (Vietnam), we deliver our offered range in different nations at affordable rates.

Products Offered By Us

The gamut of machines our company is engaged in offering comes in various sizes. These machines are as follows:
  • Plastic Film Blowing Machine
    • Supper Speed Plastic Film Blowing Machine
    • MX-POF Series 3-5 Layer Co-Extrusion Heat Shrink Film
    • MXSX Series 3-5 Layer Co-Extrusion Upward Blowing
    • MXSJ Series3-5 Layer Co-Extrusion Rotary Traction
    • MXDC Series Mono layer (Rotary Traction Downward Blowing)
    • MXCM-HDPE/LDPE Film Blowing Machine Unit
    • Polyethylene (Two Dies) Film Blowing Machine Unit MX-CM-400
    • MX-CM-700 Zipper Bag Film Blowing Machine Unit
  • Packing Machine
    • MX -320C High Speed Automation Pillow Type Packing Machine
    • MX -280 Series High Speed Automatic Pillow Packing Machine
    • MX-ZX Series Back –Seal Type Automatic Packing Machine
    • MX-ZLA Automatic Feeding Screwing Cover Packing Machine
    • MX-QGF Plastic Cup (box) Forming Filling Sealing Machine
    • MX-ZXC-200d Rotary Type Pouch Packing Machine With Automatic Electric Weighed
    • MXBZ-250 Packing Machine
    • Crusher Machine, Mixing Machine-
    • MX-ZHL -F500 Type Drier Color-Mixing
    • Vertical Type Color Mix Series MX –HS
    • MXC- SGH Plastic Drying And Color – Mixing Machine Series
    • MX- Series- Plastic Recycling Machine
    • MX-PC Type Powerful Crusher Series
  • Cup Making Machine
    • MX–YGC -650 Plastic Cup Thermo forming Machine
    • MX–Rgc-750 Automatic Plastic Cup Thermo forming Machine
    • MX–Rgc-600ii Automatic Plastic Cup Thermo forming Machine
    • MXRC 51- 71/122 Automatic Plastic Lid Thermo forming
  • Plastic Bag Making Machine-
    • MXRQD+Z Series Automatic Zipper Bag Making Machine
    • MXBF Series Multifunction Side Seal Bag Making Machine (Diaper Bag/Garment Bag Series)
    • MXFQ+P Series Automatic Outside Patch Bag Making
    • MXXH -Flowers Bag Making Machine
    • MXFQ-LQ Cold Cutting Without Tension Bag Making Machine
    • MXFQ2 Double Channels Bottom-Seal(Double Photocell Tracking)
    • MXFQ +SL Automatic Double Channels Double Layer 4/6 Lines
    • MXrq2- Double Channel Side Sealing Bag Making Machine
    • MX- 500 Control Rolls And T-Shirt Bag Making Machine
    • MX- CD Multi – Function Hi- Speed Folding Machine
    • MX-FQa2+P Automatic Double Channels 4 Lines T-Shirt Bag Making Machine(Heat Sealing &
    • MX-FQ Micro-Computer Light Controls Double Layer Six Lines
    • MX- FQ- Series Micro-Computer Light Controls Double Layer 4
    • MX-BXZD Series Double Servo Motor A High Speed Vest Bag
    • MXFQ+G-500 Automatic Disposable Glove Machine
    • MX –RQD Series Macro –Computer Light Controls Multi
  • Complex Films Bag Making Machine-
    • MX –RZD-A Series Of Fully Automatic Bag Making For Three Side Seal, Standing And Zipper
    • MX – Series Of Fully Automatic Of Three-Side Seal Bag Making Machine
  • Coating Machine-
    • Dry Laminating Machine
    • Solvent-Free Laminating Machine
  • Plastic Printing Machine,Plastic Slitting Machine-
    • Eight Color Automatic Electronic Shaft High Speed Gravure
    • Eight Color Gravure Plastic Film Printing Machine
    • Electric Automatic Five Color Printing Machine
    • Electric Automatic Seven Color Printing Machine
    • Electric Automatic Six Color Printing Machine
    • Six Color Gravure Plastic Film Printing Machine
    • Four Color Six Set Gravure Plastic Film Printing Machine
    • Two Color Four Set Gravure Plastic Film Printing Machine
    • MXFQ+C-500 Stretch Film Slitting Machine
    • MX-FQ1000- Light –ELECTRIC Auto Slitting Machine
    • Series Of MX-GFT Light –ELECTRIC Auto Slitting
    • MX- YS-TWO Color Gravure Plastic Film Printing Machine Unit
    • MX- YS Series One To Eight Color Gravure Plastic Film
    • MXYS-E800 Series Of Computer Middle Rail Gravure Machine
    • MXYS-A800 Model Series Of Computer High-Speed
    • MX -YAZTW-1000 Standard Computerize Auto Oerprint
    • MX-YT Series Flexo Printing Machine
    • MX –FQ-1200 Surface Roll Down Slitting Machine
  • Sheeting Machine-
    • MX-PEVA Cast Film Production Line
    • MX -PEVA Sheeting Machine
    • MXDCP Series Multi Sheet Making Machine
    • MX-SJ Pet Double Srew Extrusion Sheet Machine
    • MX SJ Sheeting Machine
Why Choose Us?

With more than 15 years of expertise in this domain, Guangdong Maoxin Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. has established a stable position in the industry. Owing to the relentless pursuits of our diligent professionals, we have been able to offer only quality tested range of machines that is easy to operate and equipped with human-computer touch screen interface. The sole motto of our company is to provide satisfaction to the industrial users, who by using our accurately designed and perfectly dimensioned can produce desired output faster. Some major factors that make us better than others includes the following:
  • Durable, effective working and automatic working machines
  • Adroit team of Research and Developers, who make available latest available technology                                                                             
  • Stringent quality checking process by expert quality examiners
  • Prompt delivery service by experienced logistic squad
Company Specifications

Nature of Business

  • Manufacturer
  • Supplier
  • Exporter

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Some Major Clients [Clientele]

Indian and Egyptian customers

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Export Market

  • Asia (especially in India and Middle East)
  • Africa
  • Europe